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Finish this sentence: “Teaching is like ______”

We’ve started an ongoing campaign on twitter asking our followers to finish the sentence:

"Teaching is like ___________"

The following is an ongoing list of people who have finished this sentence: 

"Teaching is like the movie Ground Hog Day. Didn’t we do this yesterday?

"Teaching is like walking through a field of roses. Beautiful to look at, but difficult to navigate and not get hurt.
- @DaisyWoods1

"Teaching is like a semi-religious migraine. 

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#iPadChat Archive: Wed. August 17, 2011

@Eduware_Inc Welcome to the #iPadChat. This week’s topic is Best Apps for Teachers’ We welcome anyone to join in with questions, answers, and comments!

@Eduware_Inc Let’s open the floor. Does anyone have any suggestions for teacher specific #iPad apps? #ipadchat

@padgets @Eduware_Inc #iPadChat don’t have fav but like the science ones

@Eduware_Inc @padgets Do you have a few specific ones you would like to mention? #iPadChat

@Eduware_Inc @SamGliksman Great point. The goals of good teaching reside outside of the tech. #ipadchat

@padgets #iPadChat Well I like doink and converse

@tvallier I’ll start with recommending Dropbox for iPad. A superbly versatile tool. http://t.co/25sD8Ev #ipadchat

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Must Visit Ning: iPads in Education

A couple of weeks ago we brought you Must Visit Wiki:Teach With Your iPad and now we bring you the ning to visit, iPads in Education. What’s a ning? A ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks. Sam Gliksman, an Educational Technology Director based in Los Angeles, hosts the site, which allows discussions between teachers and posts tips and articles on iPad usage. 

For example, this week’s discussion is: Would you purchase iPads or laptops for your High School? iPads in Education also gives tips on various topics, including iPad implementation: 

Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it … or leave it collecting dust on the shelf.

Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper preparation, technology initiatives are liable to become expensive failures.

To check out these features and more, click here


50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

Teaching Degree published a great article on 50 ways to use Skype in the classroom. The piece divides tips into five sections. The first section, “Promoting Education,” listed ways to “teach students in a dynamic way.”

4. Field trips. If students aren’t able to participate in a field trip due to factors such as budgetary or distance constraints, use Skype to bring the field trip into the classroom.

5. Using Skype in the languages classroom. Find out how this teacher uses Skype to help her students study foreign languages from native speakers.

The second section, “Promoting Community,” gives suggestions on how to integrate your students into a bigger community. 

11. This blog post explains how a 4th grade class used Skype to help a classmate with leukemia become a part of the classroom from her home.Inclusion — helping a classmate join the classroom from home

12. Connect special needs students. Students who may have to be out of the classroom due to special needs or IEP requirements don’t have to miss any special events in the classroom with Skype.

"Promoting Community" is followed by "Skype Ideas for Teachers and Parents," with gems such as these:

21. Professional development. Teachers can use Skype to access professional development opportunities, such as watching conference presentations.

23. Conference with parents. Whether a parent has to miss a regular conference or a concern comes up that requires speaking with a parent, Skype can provide an opportunity to connect with a parent that may not otherwise be available for a conference.

No list of ways to use Skype would be complete without a section on: “Resources for Getting Started and Using Skype.” Here are a couple of suggestions:

38. Skype is a Valuable Educational Tool. This podcast explains why teachers should use Skype and puts some nasty rumors about Skype to rest.

39. Using Skype in schools – some tips. Read these helpful tips, including suggestions on using Skype usernames at school and home.

Teaching Degree also makes sure to help those out who are trying to find “Others Using Skype”:

40. ePALS. Sign up for a free account here, then find other teachers and classes around the globe using Skype.

41. Skype an Author Into Your Library or Classroom. This site will connect schools with authors through Skype. Short sessions are free, while longer sessions are subject to a fee set by each author.

For more information, read the source here


Must Visit Wiki: Teach With Your iPad

Ever wanted to use your iPad in your class but wasn’t sure how? Well you might want to check out TeachWithYouriPad, a wiki space created by North Carolina State University assistant director of College Ed Media Center Nathan Stevens.

Some of the great tools on Stevens’ wiki include a section on iPad Apps, how to download them and which ones to use. Apps can easily be found by subject, type or grade. Each app is then presented by icon, title, description and cost. 

As if that wasn’t cool enough, TeachWithYouriPad also includes a list of different activities you can do in class with your iPad. 

To check out these features and more, head over here



Can Mobile Technology Solve Cheating Problem?

New Atlanta superintendent Erroll Davis is facing a rocky year ahead filled with the restructuring of the school district after a recently released report implicated nearly 200 teachers and principals in a cheating scandal the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The report, which was 800 pages long, gives details on a history of correcting and erasing answers on students’ exams. There’s hard work ahead in what will be a major overhaul in the district: 

The road ahead is long and, in places, treacherous. It will take at least four months, likely longer, to work out the fallout among employees — including those Davis decides to fire. Students cheated out of their learning will need extraordinary help to get it back. Accreditation woes caused by the city school board need to be addressed in concert with the scandal’s consequences.

With the coming of mobile technology to the classroom, some wonder whether computerized testing could help eliminate these types of cheating. Online testing would prevent teachers from erasing or correcting answers after a test is submitted. 

Do you think schools should consider using online testing to prevent cheating?

For more information on what’s going on in Georgia, read the source here


How to Design a Beautiful iPad Lesson

Gregory Swanson, from Apps in Education, brings you another great post, this one on how to create the best lesson on your iPad. 

iPad Lesson

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