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Quizzing Students With ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Quizzing students has never been easier than with Eduware’s very own ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker. Our clickers can be used on the iPhone, iPad and online. After joining ClickerSchool and creating your own session, you’ll be ready to quiz your students. Here’s how to easily quiz your students—straight from your phone!

After having students log on with the session ID, you’re ready to begin the quiz. Your first question will appear on your screen with options to share all of the answers at once or to share them individually. Once you’re done sharing answer options you can start polling your students for responses. 

You can then stop polling when all of your students have responded. ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker then allows you to show response distribution (for your entire class & individual responses) and to share the correct answer.

Once the session is complete, you can email students their answers—it’s that easy!

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Ten Ideas for Interactive Learning

Any teacher, whether teaching kindergarten or high-ed, knows that keeping students interested and involved in their lessons is vital to learning. Kevin Yee, a professor at the University of Central Florida, authored “Interactive Techniques” in which he shares techniques teachers can implements and gives the following advice:

He cautioned teachers not to fear new methods because of possible failure: “I think it’s also OK if something is attempted and it doesn’t work. It’s OK to just be up front with the students and say, ‘Well no, this experiment didn’t work—let’s move on.’”

One of Yee’s techniques, featured bellow, is one of our favorites:

Test Tournament: Divide the class into at least two groups and announce a competition for most points on a practice test. Let students study a topic together and then give your quiz, tallying points. After each round, let students study the next topic together before quizzing again. The points should be carried over from round to round. “The student impulse for competition will focus their engagement onto the material itself,” the paper states.

What is one of our favorite ways to implement this interactive technique? Having students play EduRace of course! EduRace is part of ClickerSchool and can be used on mobile devices or with our clickers. We recently released it as an Apple app as well—ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Want to learn more about interactive learning? Head over to the source here



Reflections on #140edu Day 1

Yesterday concluded the very first day of the newest #140 Conference, #140edu, and it went great! The speaker lineup included innovative educators, thought-provoking entrepreneurs and an UnCollege “educational deviant” that had many wondering about the true use of higher education. True to the name of the conference, participants and speakers alike flooded the Twitterverse with their thoughts (so much so, that the hashtag #140edu made it as a trending topic in New York). Here are a couple highlights from yesterday’s event: 

Jack Hidary (@jackhidary)’s Get Up and Move

As the very first presenter, Jack Hidary set a high standard for anyone following him. He kept participants completely engaged and made sure to act on what he preached. Hidary stimulated and excited participants through a great paper card flying mechanism experiment

Christian Long (@ChristianLong)’s Design Thinking as the Only Legit 21st Century Pedagog

Everyone has had that moment where they realize that they can be better at what they do and Christian Long is no exception. Speaking on his role as a parent and educator, Long wants educators to move towards the “and” of education. “And..” what else can children achieve? “And..” what can you learn from your failures?

Inga Rós (@Inga_Ros)’s Are Schools Burning Books?

Inga Rós, a teaching in Iceland, described the need to move towards a more technology based education. If schools continue to restrict sites such as blogs and Twitter, students will not get the full 21st century learning experience.  

Marc Ecko (@MarcEcko)’s Campaign Against Corporal Punishment

An interesting addition to the scores of educators, Marc Ecko (CEO and founder of Marc Ecko Entreprises) spoke on the importance of words and their meanings, especially those involved with “disciplining” children in the classroom.  

Adam Bellow (@adambellow)’s The Tech Commandments

Perhaps the highest highlight of the day, Adam Bellow blew away the crowd with his 140 slides in 15 minutes. Participants laughed, clapped and soaked in all his Tech Commandments. Bellow said that despite advances in technology, (good) teachers were still needed but added “Every teacher that could be replaced by a computer should be!”

Dale J. Stephens(@DaleJStephens)’s Majoring in Life

Rounding out the evening was Dale Stephens, the chief “educational deviant” promoting the benefits of being an UnCollege student. Stephens who recently dropped out of college believes that higher education is not the right choice for everyone and that students should learn to educate themselves outside the classroom. Many participants spoke on their uncertainties on his model of education. 

For more #140edu, be sure to follow the Twitter stream with the event’s hashtag or watch it live here


Introducing the New Era of Clickers

With the start of the school year just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for lesson plans and handy tools to use in class. More than ever before, it’s crucial to create interactive lesson plans that allow students to actively engage with their education. What better way to do this than to use clickers? 

As more iPads are introduced to classrooms nationwide, it’s important that clickers (and other educational technology) keep adapting. This is exactly why Eduware has introduced its newest ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker app. 

The ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker app allows teachers to use live polling in the classroom through their iPads. This app allows you to use your iPad as a virtual clicker. In order to get started, setup an activity at ClickerSchool.com where you will receive your unique session ID. 


Classroom Ideas for Learning with the iPad

Our friends at Interaction Education have started a column titled iPads in Education. There are some great posts over there, including a link to the document below: 

iPads for Learning Getting Started

For more info, read the source here



South Korea to Replace Textbooks With Tablets

Countries have been slow to jump on the digital textbook bandwagon, but one country hopes to lead the way in the 21st century classroom. Web-magazine Engadget reports that South Korea plans to replace textbooks with tablets by 2015. Here’s the scoop: 

South Korea announced this week that it plans to spend over $2 billion developing digital textbooks, replacing paper in all of its schools by 2015. Students would access paper-free learning materials from a cloud-based system, supplementing traditional content with multimedia on school-supplied tablets. The system would also enable homebound students to catch up on work remotely — they won’t be practicing taekwondo on a virtual mat, but could participate in math or reading lessons while away from school, for example.

What do you feel about this complete digital transformation? 

For more information, read the source here.


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