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Must Visit Ning: iPads in Education

A couple of weeks ago we brought you Must Visit Wiki:Teach With Your iPad and now we bring you the ning to visit, iPads in Education. What’s a ning? A ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks. Sam Gliksman, an Educational Technology Director based in Los Angeles, hosts the site, which allows discussions between teachers and posts tips and articles on iPad usage. 

For example, this week’s discussion is: Would you purchase iPads or laptops for your High School? iPads in Education also gives tips on various topics, including iPad implementation: 

Planning is imperative for any technology initiative - iPad or otherwise. You need to ensure that you clearly understand and communicate how the technology integrates with your overall pedagogical objectives. Too many institutions purchase technology and then search for ways to utilize it … or leave it collecting dust on the shelf.

Planning needs to consider both infrastructure needs and the educational applications of the new technology. Without the proper preparation, technology initiatives are liable to become expensive failures.

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How to Design a Beautiful iPad Lesson

Gregory Swanson, from Apps in Education, brings you another great post, this one on how to create the best lesson on your iPad. 

iPad Lesson

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#iPadChat Archive: Wed. June 29 2011

@Eduware_Inc Welcome to today’s #iPadChat. Today’s topic: iPad Knowledge at #ISTE

@Eduware_Inc Hi #iPadchat a couple RULES: 1)play nice 2)label responses (A1, A2) 4)submit ?s to @Eduware_inc w/o hashtag

@gee_mr #ipadchat #ipad #edtech our iPad activation assembly line http://t.co/HymfBbE

@lisettecasey #ipadchat still looking for google apps work around.

@gee_mr @lisettecasey #ipadchat Work around?

@Eduware_Inc #ipadchat Q2 via @lisettecasey : How do you handle Google Apps (docs, mail, etc) on the iPad?

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Getting Web 2.0 Toolbars into the iPad

Lennie Symes over at Symeposium shared some very valuable information for iPad users; how to get Web 2.0 toolbars working on the iPad. Symes write-up goes over any of the details you would need to get this setup. Here’s some results from his post:

Once installed, the tools provide you access to highly useful web services like Diigo’s highlight/stickynote/bookmark toolbar  (or Delicious),

Evernote’s web page clipper,

or HootSuite tweet page.

For the full instructions, and to read the source, head on over here.


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