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Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Avid Tumblr blogger and educator, CoolCatTeacher, recently shared this great resource for blind and visually impaired iPhone users. Many of the apps featured work with VoiceOver, a iPhone feature that allows users to use the device if they are unable to see the screen. Here are a couple of our top picks.

For those that are colorblind, consider using: 

Color ID Free by GreenGar Studios

Are there clouds in the sky? Is the iPod done charging? What color are the pants I just tried on? Does this tie match? Is the tomato ripe yet? Is this lip liner or eye liner? Is the sour cream moldy? Color ID Free is here to answer all these questions and more. Just point the iPhone camera at any item and it will announce the color for you. Brilliantly simple and easy to use, this application will open a new world to those who cannot see. It is amazingly accurate and can even find very subtle differences in color. It offers a setting for basic colors, such as “pale yellow green” or more advanced colors such as “fresh apricot.” For our tests we found the basic setting to be far more useful.


Voice Brief by Dong Baik

Voice Brief is a great utility for anyone, but for the vision impaired it is particularly useful. With the touch of a button Voice Brief reads your email, Twitter feed, weather, stock prices, RSS and Facebook feeds. This time saving app is fully configurable and works flawlessly. The voices are natural and clear. Are you interested but hesitant to spend the $3.99 on VoiceBrief? Then we have great news! There is a free lite version so give it a try at no risk.

For the notetakers, there’s…

Evernote by Evernote

Evernote has been around nearly since the beginning of the AppStore. This powerhouse application stores voice notes, photographs and text so that they can be accessed from multiple devices. Photographs are scanned for text which can then be searched. Evernote has VoiceOver support.

For other great apps, head over to the source here


Must Visit Wiki: Teach With Your iPad

Ever wanted to use your iPad in your class but wasn’t sure how? Well you might want to check out TeachWithYouriPad, a wiki space created by North Carolina State University assistant director of College Ed Media Center Nathan Stevens.

Some of the great tools on Stevens’ wiki include a section on iPad Apps, how to download them and which ones to use. Apps can easily be found by subject, type or grade. Each app is then presented by icon, title, description and cost. 

As if that wasn’t cool enough, TeachWithYouriPad also includes a list of different activities you can do in class with your iPad. 

To check out these features and more, head over here



10 iPad Apps for the 4th of July

Our usual posts focus on mobile devices in the classroom, but we thought it would be fun to do an iPad app round-up for Independence Day festivities. Here is our list, complete with descriptions from the App Store.

Food: A staple for most holidays in the US is food. These apps really focus on what’s great about the 4th of July, grilling and red-white-and-blue foods.

Weber’s On the Grill ($4.99)

Built from the ground up with iPad users in mind, Weber’s On the Grill™ for iPad features 250 classic Weber recipes plus 40 recipes for rubs, marinades, and sauces that are sure to get you fired up. You can tag your favorite recipes, create and share a master grocery list, and even email your favorite recipes to friends. What’s more, you can also launch helpful how-to videos, our handy grill timer, and your make your own personal notes from within each individual recipe. It’s the app no griller should be without.

4th of July Recipes ($.99)

Impress your family and friends with your new-found Over 200 Lip-Smacking 4th of July Independence Day Recipes!

With 4th of July Recipes book, you will find all the tips and techniques necessary to make your Independence Day Recipes like those of a seasoned professional.

Fun in the Sun: It’s likely you’re planning an outdoor adventure for the holiday. The next two apps help you stay comfortable, and plan ahead.

Coppertone MyUVAlert (Free)

When parents have to worry about sun protection, it’s no day at the beach. COPPERTONE® MyUVAlert™ to the rescue! This handy iPhone application helps you with sun protection information for your whole family, offering local UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen reapplication reminders that you set, individualized product recommendations, coupons, sun protection tips and more.

Weather HD ($.99)

Re-invention of how the weather looks on mobile devices. Weather HD is the #1 weather application in the US and 51 other countries. Recommended by The New York Times, The Guardian, Macworld, Gizmodo and more • • • Watch the trailer here.

Fireworks: The first image that pops into most minds when they hear Fourth of July is fireworks. This next app let’s you enjoy a brilliant display from the safety of the iPad screen.

iFirework ($.99)

Just tap the screen and watch the firework show. You can tap with more then one finger to set off multiple fireworks at once.
Looks amazing on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.
Show it off to all your friends on New Years, 4th of July or any other occasion.

Traffic: Many people like to get away for this 3-day weekend. If you have to travel via interstate, this app may become a vacation saver for you.

Beat the Traffic HD (Free)

Beat the Traffic® is the easiest way to enjoy a hassle-free commute in the USA and Canada.
Quickly check the latest road traffic conditions in your area and discover the best route to take to avoid traffic jams, all for free!
You are more than 1 million users to have downloaded Beat the Traffic on you phone!
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History: It’s so easy to forget the historical context of this holiday and our nation. These next two apps put the historical context back into the holiday.

Declaration of Independence ($1.99)

The United States Declaration of Independence is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, announcing that the thirteen American colonies then at war with Great Britain were no longer a part of the British Empire. Written primarily by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration is a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War. The birthday of the United States of America—Independence Day—is celebrated on July 4, the day the wording of the Declaration was approved by Congress.

Our America (Free)

Take an iPhone trip around the country using the Our America App. Share amazing photos from across the United States and use them to make your own digital postcards. Take photos of America’s unique and captivating landmarks or browse original photos taken by others in different states. It’s entirely up to you. Celebrate the beauty of Our America this 4th of July and show what’s most important to you in being proud to be an American!

Photos: However you choose to celebrate, you’re likely going to want to snap some photos. This next app is a lauded alternative to the built in camera and photos app for the iPad.

Camera+ ($1.99)

It’s all about one thing… GREAT PHOTOS!

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos.

Everybody has a creative side… Camera+ will help bring that creativity out in you, all with a fun, innovative, and beautiful design.

Music: What’s a celebration without music? Customizable and adaptive radio player Pandora puts your favorite patriotic tunes at your fingertips. Here is a station to get you started.

Pandora (Free)

Pandora Radio is your own free personalized radio now available to stream music on your iPhone or iPad. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.



7 Must Have iPad Apps for Education

Looking for the hottest iPad apps around the education world? Well, Claire Knight over at Education TechNews shares her pick for the must have 7 iPad apps. Take a look:

  • Free Books gives students and teachers access to more than 23,000 books for free. And users also benefit from bells and whistles, including automatic bookmarking, author pages and nighttime reading modes.
  • Cram lets users upload their study notes onto digital flashcards and multiple choice practice tests. Students can also use pre-loaded study guides from Quizlet.
  • gFlashPro includes a wide variety of trivia in a flashcard format. The app tracks users performance and can be used in landscape or portrait mode. Bonus: No ads!
  • PI83 Graphing Calculator saves users money. At only $.99, it is much more affordable than a traditional graphing calculator. The app is designed to replace the TI83 model and features more than 100 math functions.
  • Sundry Notes lets users import pdf files, search with Google and Wikipedia, draw graphs and make recordings — and it’s free.
  • Dropbox allows users to save, share, take and access their documents, photos and videos anywhere. Make frequently used files a “favorite” for fast, off-line viewing.
  • eClicker lets teachers poll students during lessons, and it gives feedback in real time. The app also lets teachers share questions with other teachers via BlueTooth. (This app is designed to be used in conjunction with eClicker Host.)

  • For more information, read the source here.


    Teacher Creates iOS App That Randomly Calls On Students, and Asks Questions Based on Their Current Learning Level



    Source: pe.com

    A Corona teacher has developed a handheld-computer application to call on students randomly and ask them questions that are easy or hard enough for their current learning level.

    It technically works on the iPad, but was designed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Not too shabby for $2.99. Here’s the iTunes store link.


    (via world-shaker-deactivated2013092)

    Google Apps In The Classroom

    Creators over at Google Apps for Education recently release a slideshow of 32 uses of Google Apps in the classroom, which includes innovative ways to use Calendar and Forms. The slideshow also lets teachers discover new ways to use Docs (to collaborate on lesson plans with other teachers), Gmail (to communicate with parents-even those who don’t speak English) and Talk (to have guest speakers during class). 

    For more information, check out the slideshow here.


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