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Apps for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Avid Tumblr blogger and educator, CoolCatTeacher, recently shared this great resource for blind and visually impaired iPhone users. Many of the apps featured work with VoiceOver, a iPhone feature that allows users to use the device if they are unable to see the screen. Here are a couple of our top picks.

For those that are colorblind, consider using: 

Color ID Free by GreenGar Studios

Are there clouds in the sky? Is the iPod done charging? What color are the pants I just tried on? Does this tie match? Is the tomato ripe yet? Is this lip liner or eye liner? Is the sour cream moldy? Color ID Free is here to answer all these questions and more. Just point the iPhone camera at any item and it will announce the color for you. Brilliantly simple and easy to use, this application will open a new world to those who cannot see. It is amazingly accurate and can even find very subtle differences in color. It offers a setting for basic colors, such as “pale yellow green” or more advanced colors such as “fresh apricot.” For our tests we found the basic setting to be far more useful.


Voice Brief by Dong Baik

Voice Brief is a great utility for anyone, but for the vision impaired it is particularly useful. With the touch of a button Voice Brief reads your email, Twitter feed, weather, stock prices, RSS and Facebook feeds. This time saving app is fully configurable and works flawlessly. The voices are natural and clear. Are you interested but hesitant to spend the $3.99 on VoiceBrief? Then we have great news! There is a free lite version so give it a try at no risk.

For the notetakers, there’s…

Evernote by Evernote

Evernote has been around nearly since the beginning of the AppStore. This powerhouse application stores voice notes, photographs and text so that they can be accessed from multiple devices. Photographs are scanned for text which can then be searched. Evernote has VoiceOver support.

For other great apps, head over to the source here


Blackboard Adds Apple iOS Notification Support

Blackboard’s addition of iOS notification support could really open up new opportunities for mobile learning integration with apple products in higher education. 

via t.h.e. journal:

Blackboard’s Connect division has announced the latest edition of its notification service, which includes features to speed up creation and delivery of messages and the ability to send alerts via Apple mobile devices. Blackboard Connect 5.0 is expected to be fully rolled out over the next 60 days. The new version of the service integrates functionality from AlertNow, an acquisition of a K-12 alert service that Blackboard made in 2010.

For more information, read the source here.


7 Must Have iPad Apps for Education

Looking for the hottest iPad apps around the education world? Well, Claire Knight over at Education TechNews shares her pick for the must have 7 iPad apps. Take a look:

  • Free Books gives students and teachers access to more than 23,000 books for free. And users also benefit from bells and whistles, including automatic bookmarking, author pages and nighttime reading modes.
  • Cram lets users upload their study notes onto digital flashcards and multiple choice practice tests. Students can also use pre-loaded study guides from Quizlet.
  • gFlashPro includes a wide variety of trivia in a flashcard format. The app tracks users performance and can be used in landscape or portrait mode. Bonus: No ads!
  • PI83 Graphing Calculator saves users money. At only $.99, it is much more affordable than a traditional graphing calculator. The app is designed to replace the TI83 model and features more than 100 math functions.
  • Sundry Notes lets users import pdf files, search with Google and Wikipedia, draw graphs and make recordings — and it’s free.
  • Dropbox allows users to save, share, take and access their documents, photos and videos anywhere. Make frequently used files a “favorite” for fast, off-line viewing.
  • eClicker lets teachers poll students during lessons, and it gives feedback in real time. The app also lets teachers share questions with other teachers via BlueTooth. (This app is designed to be used in conjunction with eClicker Host.)

  • For more information, read the source here.


    Teacher Creates iOS App That Randomly Calls On Students, and Asks Questions Based on Their Current Learning Level



    Source: pe.com

    A Corona teacher has developed a handheld-computer application to call on students randomly and ask them questions that are easy or hard enough for their current learning level.

    It technically works on the iPad, but was designed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Not too shabby for $2.99. Here’s the iTunes store link.


    (via world-shaker-deactivated2013092)

    Apple’s iCloud Invading Classrooms Soon

    WWDC Apple Keynote announced a new feature today: iCloud support built into the iOS 5 software update for all iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad). The iCloud also integrates with existing iTunes desktop software on both Mac and PC platforms. Jonathan Seff at Macworld goes into details on the new  service:

    Auto Backup

    • Once a day, iCloud will back up a lot of a user’s important content to the cloud over Wi-Fi. If you ever get a new phone, Apple said, type in your Apple ID and password and everything will be loaded on that phone automatically.
    • It will back up purchased music, apps, and books, your Camera Roll (photos and videos), device settings, and app data.

    New Apps

    • Documents in the Cloud uploads Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents to the cloud for syncing.
    • Photo Stream lets you take photos on any device and uploads them to sync with your other devices (for example, your iPhone shots appear on your iPad). Photo Stream also works with iPhoto on Mac, and supports the Apple TV as well. 
    • iTunes in the Cloud. For songs you’ve already purchased from the iTunes Store, there’s a Purchased button that shows your entire purchase history of songs (purchased on any device). You can view by all songs, recent songs, or by artist. You can then download any song or album with the touch of a button.
    • “This is the first time we’ve seen this in the music industry,” said Jobs. “No charge for multiple downloads on many devices.”

    iTunes Match

    • Apple has come up with iTunes Match, a $25-a-year service that scans your iTunes library and tries to match it with the 18 million songs that Apple sells. For the songs that are in the iTunes Store, you get instant access, and Apple will even upgrade them to its standard 256-kbps AAC format. For those songs that Apple can’t identify, you can upload them manually

    Specs and Availability 

    • Each user gets 5GB of free storage for mail, documents, and backup. Fortunately, purchased music, apps, books, and Photo Stream photos don’t count against that total.
    • iTunes Match costs $25 a year for unlimited storage.
    • iCloud will ship at the same time as iOS 5 in the fall, although developers can download a beta version now.

    For more information, read the source here.


    Apple Builds Twitter Into iOS 5

    Apple announced built-in Twitter support in the upcoming iOS 5 release this fall. This support will enable easy tweeting, mentioning, retweeting, and sharing from your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Donald Melanson from Engadget elaborates: 

    Apple’s just announced that it’s bringing deep Twitter integration to all of its iOS-based devices, and to many of its own apps, including Camera, Photos, Safari and Maps. That integration also, of course, extends to Contacts, where you’ll be able to link your contacts to their Twitter handle and keep their information updated accordingly, much like Android. You’ll also only have to sign into Twitter once (in Settings), and then simply share those credentials with any app that requests them.

    For more information, read the source here.


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