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iPads Replace Textbooks in Brookfield, CT

Credit: CT Post

Beginning next Fall, Brookfield High School Freshman will all receive an iPad to enhance learning in the classroom. By 2014, all students in the high school will have iPads completely eliminating textbooks in the high school. From the source: 

"The purpose of this initiative is to provide students with the appropriate tools for learning in the 21st century in all of their classes," according to a report released by the district.

Students no longer will receive textbooks, because the text will be downloaded onto the iPads, Colley said. “Instead of carrying five textbooks, they will be loaded on the iPad.”

He said after investigating several tablets, it was decided the Apple iPad best met the district’s  instructional needs.

In addition to replacing textbooks, iPads have applications for graphing calculators, note taking and other programs that will be specific to each student’s course of study, Colley said.

For more information, read the source here.


Posted on May 9th, 2011
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