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iPads changing the game for learning at Longfield

Longfield Academy takes schools ICT to a new level, and the implications for other schools are important…
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The School That Launched 1,000 iPads

Patrick Larkin is the principal of Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. His school has one of the most forward-thinking policies regarding cell phones and tablets. This year his school put iPads in the students’ hands. Patrick and his team have constructed an FAQ sheet with links about their program. You can find that document here as a Google Document or by visiting Patrick’s blog and downloading the document as an ePub file.
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Hashtags for state-, province-, and national-level education conversations

In Iowa we use #iaedfuture to organize our online conversations about education in the state. In Wisconsin they use #wiedu…
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Google Features That Make Teachers’ Lives Easier

Today’s post is the first in several that will give you an insight to some Google tools you may not have not had the chance to previously explore.  Yes, we all Google in one form or another, but most of us are unaware of little tools and great…
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iPads in the classroom: Collaborative Annotating

Part of the iPad pilot had the devices staying in the classroom. I quickly saw the limitations, but that is a topic for another post. I need to focus my energies on creating lessons allow the kids to function in a shared tablet environment…
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iPaddiction: 8 Burning Questions About iPads in Class (Answered!)

I recently received an email from a media and tech teacher from a school district in Wisconsin. The questions she has asked are awesome and could be helpful to others. My answers to her questions are followed with actual video clips from my classroom. Enjoy and may this be helpful!
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iPad App Lets Kids Publish Physical Books

Scribble Press has three brick-and-mortar stores where more than 30,000 children have created their own books. Now, with the help of the iPad, it’s gearing up to become a global business.
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Tips and success stories for effective mobile learning

More and more schools are using mobile learning devices to help boost student engagement and achievement, and a new monograph from the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) examines some of the best practices in mobile devices from schools across…
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Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps

The wave of the future is here, especially for education. Terms like 21st Century Computing, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and Cloud Computing are mainstream. The introduction of mobile devices, iPods, netbooks, and more specifically, the iPad, has brought technology to more students than ever before. A one-to-one computing environment is not only a possibility, but also a reality in more school districts than people realize. With all that being said, below are my 10 favorite sites for finding educational apps.
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