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Augmented Reality on iPads & Android Devices

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Last month Greg Kulowiec introduced me to the augmented reality app Aurasma Lite. On Monday I showed the app to a couple of elementary school teachers and they just loved it.

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EdTech Cheat Sheet Infographic

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Understanding New Trends in Educational Technology 

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440 Ways to Use Social Media in Education

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I’m convinced that when used appropriately these sorts of tools can help improve teaching and learning. But a lot of us shy away from using them in education because we’re not sure what that use looks like. So here ya go. Lots of ideas on using social media in the classroom.

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How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program

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When The Westside School decided to grow its established primary school into a leading middle school program, parents, teachers, students and administrators mapped out an integrated project-based le…

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Looking for STEM apps? Here’s a top 50 list for iPad

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Online Universities recently came out with a list of the top 50 iPad applications geared specifically for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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iPads seem to raise classroom math scores in charter school study

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Earlier this year, the folks who created the YourTeacher math tutoring and test prep system teamed up with KIPP Academy to gauge how well the iPad performs in the classroom. 

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The 60-Second Guide To Smartphones In Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are smartphones really that big a deal in education? Let’s examine the facts:

- Ownership of smartphones continues to rise at a brisk pace

- Smartphone owners download between 50 and 80 apps each

- Students studying using smartphones are three times more likely to track their progress

- Flashcards and self-quizzes are popular: more than 70% of students use this type of app

- Most students use the built-in apps a lot. The calculator, notepad, and camera all play critical roles.

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Carrier data confirms it: Half of US now owns a smartphone

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According to a new report from Chetan Sharma Consulting, the US has reached 50 percent smartphone penetration.

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How To Engage With Active Learners In The Classroom

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Students are currently enjoying the last gasps of summertime in most countries right now. They’re outside, engaging in social activities, and constantly on the move. So what would happen if these students were thrown into a slow-moving and old-fashioned classroom? The students would get distracted, disconnected, and feel lost…

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