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Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind

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The app development market is exploding. More and more companies are creating “educational apps”. In some cases, they are simply digital versions of a book or a web based tool.

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iPad Essentials: Use iCloud to Find and (Hopefully Not) Remote Wipe an iPad

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In my last post, I mentioned using the Passcode Lock feature to protect data on your iPad, as we do use our device as a clinical tool. An additional, and hopefully never necessary, safeguard involves the use of iCloud to delete your iPad’s data….

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The Educator’s Guide to Instagram and Other Photo Apps

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Why? It’s fun! Easy! I can quickly share photos taken on my iPhone when I’m out and about! Or have fun editing photos and sharing from my camera on my iPad! And in the process I’m learning more about photography, photo editing and other Instagram users.

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Fluency Timer Now Available for iPad/iPod/iPhone

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My desktop app, Fluency Timer, is now available for the iOS (iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches). The app provides an adjustable timer with integrated voice recording to allow teachers, parents, and students to easily record student fluency readings.

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David Truss » BYOL vs BYOD

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I’m a big fan of BYOL – Bring Your Own Laptop to school.

The laptop is the new pencil… a tool necessary for an effective education today. I also think that a district-provided laptop, in public education, is not financially feasible. However, supporting families that can not afford to send their child to school with a laptop is supportable, effective and essential to a BYOL program…

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50 Brain Facts Every Educator Should Know

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If you work with children, here are some facts that you might find helpful, from how the brain affects learning to facts about memory to interesting facts about the brain that you can share with your students.

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School trials iPad exam

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The traditional pen-and-paper school test could become a thing of the past after a leading exam board successfully trialled the use of iPads for pupils sitting a mock GCSE.

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The screens that are stealing childhood

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Take a look around you and, in cars, shopping centres and restaurants, chances are you’ll find young children engrossed, not in the world around them, but in their new digital reality…

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Managing: The Nuts & Bolts of an iPad Classroom

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I’ve had more people ask me questions about my set-up than how I use iPads to actually teach in my classroom, so here’s my “share”.

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7 Summer Activities to Get Better With Your iPad

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Many teachers and schools are buying iPads now in preparation of next year. I’ve made this list of ‘Summer Goals’ after a few schools have asked for assistance in getting teachers ready for Septembers iPad roll out in their schools. I’ve tried to order these from simplest to most complex task – but don’t feel like you must follow this order. After all, summer is about having fun!

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